Tomb raider legend nepal

tomb raider legend nepal

1/9 - Bronze. Once you've reached the first stable platform, you should be able to notice a bronze reward (#1). As you've probably suspected, you will have to. Tomb Raider: Legend (PlayStation 2) - Versteckte Schätze | Ankunft in Nepal. Komplettlösung: Actionspiel für PC, Playstation 2, Xbox und Xbox Tomb Raider – Legend. Kapitel 7: Nepal – Der Ghalali-Schlüssel. tomb raider legend nepal

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Grenades start flying almost immediately, so don't hang back in the cave. Ghana - part I Ghana - part II Ghana - part III Ghana - part IV. Legend Guide Game Guide. If you have room for more supplies, you can get his RIFLE or ammo , grenade and possibly a health pack. Instead, run out into the open and kill the men on the ground first. Use the grapple to get the statue. Swing back and forth until she's is swinging high enough for you to see the grapple icon on the second bell. Ignore the second icicle. You may want to draw it out and then back down the stairs while shooting. Then climb back up. Near the end of the slope, jump to grab another horizontal pole. Here's what has to be done:. The binoculars in RAD mode show where this breakable wall is in case you can't spot it. Vor dem letzten Sprung müssen Sie ein paar Sekunden warten, bis die Plattform sich etwas nach vorn geneigt hat. Use the Grapple to throw the broken part of the plane down in the deep pit and jump rich and famous grab the opposite. Stand in front of the statue and make a single jump in order to reach the roof of a small building. There's a silver reward here 2. Once you're there, start pulling one of the big crates 2. Die neuesten Tests, Previews und Spieletipps für PC-Spieler. Nepal - part I Nepal - part II Nepal - part III Nepal - part IV. Take it and go back to the plane. Alle Fundorte im Video This reward is included in the previous set of screenshots. Seid ihr am Ende, egal wie, angekommen, kommt ihr kurz darauf zu einer Steintreppe. Tokyo Auf der Party Auf dem Dach Takamotos Dach Museum Kampf mit Takamoto Lösung: Swing and jump into the cave. Kasachstan Projekt Carbonek Motorradjagd Das Labor Der Kern Lösung: Wandert schnell ein Stückchen nach rechts und springt hoch. It is ready to break down, so do not keep on swinging.

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"Nepal 1" ('Tomb Raider: Legend' Soundtrack) by Troels Brun Folmann [DR] Dreht euch nach links und springt auf die Plattform. A part of it collapses, but another one remains intact. The main entrance is now opened 1. Einen Kontrollpunkt haben wir aber schon passiert. Winston and the boys inform her that the Ghalali key was not in her father's collection, nor mentioned in any of his notes.




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